Increase Sales

PIN Debit sales transactions are 50% higher on average than cash transactions, with low merchant rates.

Better Customer Experience

Provide your customers with a seamless, straightforward, and familiar checkout experience (no more round-ups).

Protect Your Business

As a licensed money transmitter, all POSaBIT payments are compliant, running without interruption since 2016.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike cashless ATM solutions, POSaBIT Debit transactions have no unintended bank charges for customers.

Keep compliant. Reduce cash. Grow revenue.

Secure, cashless payment solutions by POSaBIT.

Dart Bank has partnered with POSaBIT, the leading provider of Cannabis Payment Solutions. POSaBIT delivers an innovative payment system, with POS and cashless compliant payment solutions designed for cannabis retailers and dispensaries.

POSaBIT Cannabis Payment Solutions

New POSabilities for your Cannabis Payments.

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“We have seen our average transaction increase over 30% when a customer uses POSaBIT compared to cash. Our bud tenders are getting nearly 60% more tips. It’s been huge for us.”

- M. Kala'i

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